The Only Time You Should Drink and “Drive”


With nearly 50 breweries in the greater charlotte area, craft beer has gone from a treasure hunt to a battle field in less than 5 years. What keeps people coming back to your brewery? The Beer of course; no doubt your brew is vastly superior to your neighbors swill. But what about that silent majority of consumers whose palettes aren't refined enough to tell the difference in Cascade hops and Centennial?

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 9.42.20 AM.png

For most the answer is environmental. Drinkers want a comfortable setting that offers space and entertainment, with a heavy dose of the latter. Most breweries now offer simple fare in terms of entertainment. Cornhole? Check. Shuffle board? Check. a dusty chess/checker board in the corner? Double check.


With a plethora of brewery options now in front of consumers, the question has morphed from, how do I get them to come in, to, how do I get them to stay? The term “Brewery Hoppin” may as well be in Websters at this point, as us Millenials are ever racing to satisfy our short attention spans. If you could get just 20% of your visitors to stay for one extra beer per visit, you would see an immediate spike in revenue.

We at Swing360 Golf have an answer. Our company provides mobile golf simulators to craft breweries of all sizes. At each site we set up and tear down our own equipment, and in between your patrons get to enjoy all the perks of the latest and greatest simulator technology. We will be catering to golfers of all skill levels that wish to hone their skills & compete with their friends, all while enjoying your craft beer. With a 10’ x 10’ footprint, we can be nimble enough to accommodate even the tightest of spaces, and our simulators are just as comfortable outdoor as they are indoor.

What we provide:

  • $20K worth of Equipment

  • Golf clubs included at no charge 

  • Golf balls included at no charge 

  • Knowledgeable staff on hand at all time at no charge

Games customers can play:

  • Long drive

  • Closest to the pin 

  • 3 hole scrambles

  • Parlor games

  • Zombie Golf

  • Golf Roulette 

  • and more!